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Gain a Competitive Edge with Final Mile Delivery

June 13, 2018 Courier

The final mile delivery industry is flourishing, with more than 8.95 billion parcels delivered worldwide. The main reason behind it is that a lot of businesses want to have a competitive edge with final mile delivery, also called last mile delivery. An experienced delivery courier can change how they do business when it comes to logistics.

Depending on your business, the final mile delivery can become an important part of your supply chain. If you’re looking to partner with a local company, you need to know some of the benefits that await your use of this service. Here are some:

It Provides Efficiency

Companies can have large warehouses which provide both short and long-term storage. Aside from this, your company has access to cross-docking and freight repacking, depending on the products or supplies you need. What this means for your company is that they can create realistic delivery schedules to meet your deadlines.

If you have a bigger business, you need to ensure that their trucks include big straight trucks as well as tractor trailers. This enables them to adjust the size of the trucks that will service your cargo, making sure that it fits your needs and the destination of your shipments. This allows them to deliver whether the location is in a small subdivision or in a large loading dock warehouse.

It’s Cost-Effective

The most effective couriers out there which offer final mile delivery services have extensive networks of routes and scheduling. Drivers working with the company have a lot of familiarities when it comes to your destination areas, allowing them to fit your needs. This is regardless of whether it’s daily, weekly, or seasonal deliveries.

Some might even have tailored routes that allow you to specify a set of rules that fits your company’s needs. The dedicated trucks and drivers can supplement your company drivers that go on leaves or vacations. Reputable companies require little to no advance notices for them to do this work on a daily or even a weekly basis.

It’s Customer-oriented

Experienced companies will have its executive personnel active in terms of participating in the different industry associations in your area. What that means for you is that you’ll expect them to give priority to your business needs and the feedback you make to improve their services. They often display the feedback they receive, whether positive or negative, as a means of reference for future upgrades.

They make sure that you’re involved in the shipping and delivery process. These companies often have real-time tracking, signature capture, and POD notification through the use of email.

It’s Important to E-Commerce

Using the last mile as a means of logistics allows you to get your products to your consumers on a faster, more cost-effective manner. If you’re a company who uses e-commerce or have an omnichannel supply chain, this is for you. Actually, a lot of customers will pay premium prices to ensure that they get their products faster through instant delivery or same-day delivery.

If you want to stay competitive, you need to avail of final mile delivery on a regular basis. With e-commerce sales expected to skyrocket to $2.4 trillion within this year, the demand for final mile delivery will grow. Even if you’re a small to medium company, you can still take advantage and gain a competitive edge as long as you overcome the challenges in last mile delivery.

When to Use Final Mile Delivery

Uncertain if you should compete with final mile delivery of your competitors? If your business experiences any of these situations, you can certainly benefit from the options offered by final mile delivery:

Rising Costs of Transportation

When you circulate your products between your distribution centers, warehouses, and your retail stores, your expenses will increase. This includes fuel, equipment, and staff costs. That’s why it’s better to use final mile deliver because they’re flexible, allowing you to pick up your inventory at the location most convenient for you.

This reduces the amount of money and time you spent when transporting your goods to a warehouse or your retail store.

Damaged Goods

If your business received complaints about damaged items upon arrival, it can be due to a lot of various reasons. The primary one is due to incorrect and careless handling of the items. The more times you move your shipments, the more likely it is for your goods to get damaged.

Final mile deliver carriers have more skilled personnel that take more care when it comes to the entire transportation of your goods. They’re different from the cheap delivery companies that only care about getting the job done.

Supply Chain Blackout Periods

You might believe that the work or sale ends once your shipment is already in the hands of the delivery company. In the real world, transporting your products to your recipients is the most critical part of the process. If you don’t want to worry about whether your delivery reached the customer in time and in proper working order, consider using a final mile delivery service.

After all, final mile delivery companies offer real-time tracking information. Getting reputable carriers is important since they will inform you every step of the process. They will also give you the proof you need to assure you that your customer receives your products.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Final Mile Delivery Today!

Successful companies, especially retailers, must maintain a holistic supply chain strategy. If you aim for a wider degree of success, you need to meet the service expectations set by your target customers. This is without compromising your budget and maintaining a fair margin target.

With a lot of the big companies like Amazons giving their customers the option to get their products delivered the next day or even the same day, you need to have the same amount of advantage by giving the same option. You can do this with final mile delivery and ensure that your business doesn’t get left behind.

Are you looking to take advantage and a competitive edge with final mile delivery? Looking for a delivery partner to open these opportunities for you? Contact us today!