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How To Find a Reliable Local Courier Service

November 6, 2017 Courier

Today, courier shipping is an industry worth nearly $100 million. A local courier service is definitely the best choice for your business. But because courier services deliver very important business items. you have to make sure you can trust whatever courier service you chose. Here are a few tips that will help you find the best local courier for your business.

What Is the Difference Between a Local Courier Service and Normal Mail Services?

A courier service is a private delivery service that ships mail faster than normal mail services, like USPS. Courier services have fewer clients than large mail companies and flexible business hours, so they can focus more time on you and your business needs.

These services started getting popular during the rise of internet shopping, and now they are used for all kinds of deliveries, including business deliveries.

Courier services are known for getting important packages where they need to be fast, and most courier services offer at least four different shipping methods.

Standard: Even though this service is their slowest and cheapest one, it still only takes a few days to ship and deliver packages all across the country.

Overnight: This service will make sure your package ends up on the right doorstep by the next day, no exceptions.

Same-day: This is express shipping that can get your package to it’s desired location the same day you send it. Same-day express shipping is usually used for urgent or emergency deliveries.

International: If you need to ship packages outside the U.S., the international service can ship your packages overseas. The price depends heavily on the size of the package and how fast you want it delivered.

Each of these services also come with a way to track your package as it’s being shipped, so you know where it is at all times and can see when it has been successfully delivered.

A lot of businesses prefer these quick and reliable services because it ensures their packages will get where they need to go safely and on time. They don’t have to waste time worrying and can get back to their more important work.

But because your local courier service can handle some highly sensitive and important documents, you want to make sure you find one you can trust completely.

Here is a quick list of things you should think about before making your final courier pick

Before You Pick Your Courier…

Figure out What Services You Need

An obvious first step, but an important one.

Some couriers are cheaper than others, but cheap doesn’t necessarily mean better.

If you know you need to send a lot of packages overseas, you will want to make sure the courier you choose has good overseas deals. The same is true for same-day and overnight shipping.

You might feel pretty confident that you’ll only need a standard service, but it is still a good idea to make sure the courier you pick has reliable express shipping. At some point, you may need to make an urgent delivery, and a reliable same-day shipping service can not only get the job done, but save your reputation at the same time.

Make Sure They Have Good Security

First and foremost, especially if the courier you’re considering is a smaller, lesser-known company, make sure they are actually licensed to do business in your area.

If you’re putting important documents in their hands, you need to know with complete certainty they are able to handle them properly and legally.

You should also ask about how they deliver packages. You don’t want your package to be dropped off outside of a building and left unattended if there is sensitive information inside.

Ask if someone can sign for the packages upon arrival. It’s not worth putting your business at risk.

Make Sure They Are Professional

This isn’t just about how fast they can ship packages or how reliable they are.

When you send a package through a courier service, they represent your business at that moment. A uniformed driver and a truck with a good appearance will make your company appear reliable itself.

If the truck looks untrustworthy or if the driver is just in street clothes, you may cause a client or customer to think twice about your business.

Stick to the nicer courier service. They reflect your business better.

Find out If They Take Special Deliveries

These are things like oversized packages or perishable goods.

Not all mail is small and convenient, so find out if they help load or unload heavy items or if they handle perishable items in advance.

See If They Are Easy to Work with

Does the courier service help solve problems or bring you more stress? Are their services easy to order? Can your customers order products online and receive them quickly?

You should also make sure they have good customer service. You want these people to be friendly. Not only will you be interacting with them a lot, your customers will be interacting with them also.

Remember that whole “the courier reflects your business” thing? The last thing you want are rude, unhelpful people talking with your customers. And this is even more important if you’re customers never actually meet you in person.

Other Steps to Take

If you aren’t sure where to start, talk to friends and family and get a few referrals. Once you have a few company names, head online and check out their Better Business Bureau rating. You can also look through other online reviews like Yelp.

Find other people who have similar service needs as you and ask them if their courier is satisfactory.

Most important of all, ask the local courier service specific questions about all their services and policies. Don’t feel bad about asking too many questions. You need to make sure you can trust this company with some very important items, so get the questions out of the way before it is too late.

Keep Your Business Secure with ASAP Courier

A local courier service is the fastest way to deliver business packages to clients, customers, and partners. We understand how important each package is to your business, no matter how small, and we make sure it is secure up to the moment it is in the recipient’s hands.

We take the package and let you get back to your business.

Looking for a reliable courier service to help your business? Contact us and we will get you started!