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Mailing packages involves several different levels of assurance. It doesn’t matter if they’re for customers or family members, as the sender, you want to feel confident they’re safe and getting to the right person.

Shipping insurance can protect packages in the event they get lost en route to their destination. But, how do you know which type of insurance to get?

Is there a one-size-fits-all option? Or, should you buy more in order to protect the item getting mailed?

Let us help you make sense of it all. Learn more about how you can choose the right insurance and ship your packages with confidence. 

Consider What Happens if You Go Without Insurance

Going without shipping insurance might sound tempting, but it can lead to a variety of problems. If you run a business and send packages to customers, you don’t want to take a chance that something gets lost.

If you run a business such as an Etsy store, and you send out a variety of packages per week with your handmade items, this could lead to disaster. Consider what would happen if you had to remake an item or refund a customer. 

The bottom line means you’ll lose out on money, have dissatisfied customers, and possibly even get bad reviews. Are you willing to put your business through this?

Maybe you’ve debated getting insurance through your carriers, such as USPS or FedEx. Learn more why that’s not always the best choice and how you can find a better option offering you more control.

How Your Typical Carrier Can Shortchange You

Many people choose to get shipping insurance through their carrier. This is whoever they’re mailing the package with.

Carrier options include:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL

When you’re mailing the package, you’re normally asked if you’d like insurance. This isn’t the only way to get the coverage you need, though.

Selecting a carrier who offers insurance and a variety of shipping options can provide better results. Some of the benefits included in a private shipping service include refrigerated shipping, air friend, and on-demand shipping. 

Shipping options with private carriers include insurance that allows you to track your shipment. This gives you peace of mind that your items are arriving at their destination in a timely manner.

If something goes wrong, you can begin the claims process online, too. Going online saves you the trip of heading to a shipping company’s office, simplifying both life and business for you. 

The Benefits of Purchasing Shipping Insurance Through Another Party

Are you ready to make a change from your normal shipping company and find one that can cater to all your needs? If you are, there’s a variety of benefits that come with it.

Saving Money on All Shipments

A private courier company typically offers cheaper insurance than the main carriers on the market. In many cases, USPS and FedEx will charge at least $2.40 or more depending on the value of the item.

In contrast, when you get insurance from a private shipping company, you can pay as little as 55 cents. 

The more expensive the item, the more you’ll need to pay, but in the end, the costs are still less than half that of traditional shipping companies.

Consider using this option, especially if you ship in bulk or manage a business that involves mailing items.

Getting the Coverage You Need

Managing your shipped items doesn’t have to seem complicated with several different levels of shipping. Many companies insure an item that is up to a certain dollar amount, sometimes as much as $5,000.

If you mail your package through USPS or another common shipper, insurance amounts sometimes go up to $100, but vary if you need more.

You can save time and prevent frustration by choosing an independent shipping company that offers a high insurance level along with your shipped parcel. If you want to rest assured that your packages are getting shipped quickly and is protected throughout the process, this can provide a fail-proof option. 

Handling a Missing Package

A missing package is every company’s worst fear. Mistakes do happen, and it’s better to be prepared in case an incident occurs. 

When dealing with a missing package through a private shipping company such as Lexington Logistics, you can feel confident that filing a claim for your package is easy to manage.  

If you lose a package with USPS, you’ll need to fill out forms, wait in line, and trace a carrier who was in charge of your package. The process could take weeks to get a resolution on.

When you’re running a business and trying to keep your customer’s satisfied, this can make it more difficult than necessary. It creates a bad experience for your customers., and can discourage them from returning to you.

In contrast, you’ll have a point of contact and the ability to trace packages online with a private shipping service. You can file your forms online and never set a foot in a shipping center or wait in line. 

Learn More Today

If you’re ready for peace of mind and want to rest assured that your packages are in good hands, it’s time to explore the alternatives. Imagine having packages that are easy to trace, with shipping insurance that can cover one lump sum, rather than several different tiers.

This can help you get your packages mailed in a quick and timely manner, with little fuss for you and the person on the other end. 

If you’re ready to switch to a carrier who cares, we’re here to help. Contact us and see how you can set up an account. 


There are many reasons why you might want a temporary warehouse for your small business. Are you’re moving offices and need somewhere to store your office furniture for some time?

Maybe you sell seasonal products like wool coats or swimsuits which people only buy during certain times of the year. In that case, you might need a warehouse to store your surplus until the same time next year.

Or maybe your offices have become overcrowded with files from the last ten years. A temporary warehouse for business would be the perfect place to keep these files until they’re needed.

Here are some things to consider when getting a temporary warehouse for small business.


How often are you going to need the things you store at your warehouse? If you don’t need access to these things for an indefinite period, then location doesn’t really matter.

For example, you have files from the last ten years which you hardly ever need to access. You can store them at a faraway location.

But if you’re storing products which you’ll need to mail out as and when orders come in, then it’s probably better if your warehouse is located somewhere close by.

Temperature Control

When you put things in storage, temperature control is important. For example, you’re storing clothes or paper items. Then the warehouse shouldn’t become too hot and humid or these items might get damaged.

So make sure that the conditions in the warehouse are optimal for the things you’re trying to store. If you go with a reputable warehouse rental company, you should not have any temperature control issues.

You can rest easy knowing that your excess inventory is in a safe place.

3. Space

How much space do you really need when you get a warehouse? Most people overestimate the amount of space needed. Remember when you packed up your entire apartment and put everything into a large U-Haul only to find there was a lot of space remaining?

It’s the same kind of situation.

The best thing is to make an inventory of everything you have and figure out what things can be stacked. You can also consult your warehouse rental company and get their input on how much space is needed.


EBA notes that the aspect of using lean flow increases your competitive advantage. You can also reduce touches and repetitive travel excesses. Ensuring that operational flow in warehouse facilities remains logical is critical.

That is possible when the location of the temporary warehouse is according to the relevance of your operations.

Dedicated warehouse operators will also identify processes involving multiple touches. Most of these are unnecessary in picking, packing, and replenishment operations.

You may also run into repetitive travel tasks such as constant moving of pallets. These cases or products should be part of the concern of warehouse operators.

Your chosen warehouse service vendor should identify the excesses in frequent moving. Work with the provider towards eliminating them by streamlining operations to increase efficiency.


Implementing technology is critical for warehouse operations. This may include repetitive actions such as pick and place, interface, and travel.

The initial investment in the automation of your warehouse procedures may be costly. But over time, the ROI will prove this a worthwhile idea.

Consider automation options as long as the technological investment makes financial sense. Focus on database management systems and robotic automation where applicable.


Focus on lean and improved processes by adopting best practices and setting standards. As such, work together with efficient workers to come up with a list of best practices that will cut down the learning curve for your employees.

Strive to set standards of operation to encourage accountability among your employees. The result will be the optimization of the workforce.

Temporary Warehouse for Selling Embarrassing Products

There are some products that customers want to buy, but they don’t want to talk about them. When your business uses a temporary warehouse, you can help people get the medical supplies and other personal products they need with greater privacy and less embarrassment.

Use your warehouse to store your inventory and prepare shipments. Your customers can then get their goods delivered directly to their homes.

Shipping Embarrassing Products

While it may seem easier to sell a product that people are comfortable with, the Havard Business Review observes there can be advantages on the other side too.

You may have little competition in your category. It’s easier to be found when people are searching for keywords related to your business.

People may also be so excited to discover your business that they’ll share it with family and friends.

Most of all, you’ll have an advantage over large retailers who may sell similar items because people would prefer to have you shipping their order rather than having to go out to the store for it.

Warehouse Rental

Apart from offering storage and handling services, temporary warehouse services aim to streamline your operations as well to promote seamless performance and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, as you seek to identify the right warehouse services vendor, you need to establish the impact of their activities on service delivery and how it will affect your business operations.

Experienced warehouse services providers understand what their clients need so they opt to optimize warehouse services.

Using Temporary Warehouse for Small Business

While small business warehouse and distribution services can be a challenge for many small companies, we make it easier for you to run your business and make a profit.

You are charged only for the amount of square footage you use or the number of pallets you keep on hand each month. Individualized inventory system will help you maintain the right balance of stock at all times, and provide valuable data that you can use to analyze customer demand.

You can even receive month to month contracts with no additional fee requirements. You’ll have the flexibility to adapt your warehouse space to your current needs however much you grow or experience seasonal fluctuations.

If you need more information on using a warehouse for small business, contact us today!


The final mile delivery industry is flourishing, with more than 8.95 billion parcels delivered worldwide. The main reason behind it is that a lot of businesses want to have a competitive edge with final mile delivery, also called last mile delivery. An experienced delivery courier can change how they do business when it comes to logistics.

Depending on your business, the final mile delivery can become an important part of your supply chain. If you’re looking to partner with a local company, you need to know some of the benefits that await your use of this service. Here are some:

It Provides Efficiency

Companies can have large warehouses which provide both short and long-term storage. Aside from this, your company has access to cross-docking and freight repacking, depending on the products or supplies you need. What this means for your company is that they can create realistic delivery schedules to meet your deadlines.

If you have a bigger business, you need to ensure that their trucks include big straight trucks as well as tractor trailers. This enables them to adjust the size of the trucks that will service your cargo, making sure that it fits your needs and the destination of your shipments. This allows them to deliver whether the location is in a small subdivision or in a large loading dock warehouse.

It’s Cost-Effective

The most effective couriers out there which offer final mile delivery services have extensive networks of routes and scheduling. Drivers working with the company have a lot of familiarities when it comes to your destination areas, allowing them to fit your needs. This is regardless of whether it’s daily, weekly, or seasonal deliveries.

Some might even have tailored routes that allow you to specify a set of rules that fits your company’s needs. The dedicated trucks and drivers can supplement your company drivers that go on leaves or vacations. Reputable companies require little to no advance notices for them to do this work on a daily or even a weekly basis.

It’s Customer-oriented

Experienced companies will have its executive personnel active in terms of participating in the different industry associations in your area. What that means for you is that you’ll expect them to give priority to your business needs and the feedback you make to improve their services. They often display the feedback they receive, whether positive or negative, as a means of reference for future upgrades.

They make sure that you’re involved in the shipping and delivery process. These companies often have real-time tracking, signature capture, and POD notification through the use of email.

It’s Important to E-Commerce

Using the last mile as a means of logistics allows you to get your products to your consumers on a faster, more cost-effective manner. If you’re a company who uses e-commerce or have an omnichannel supply chain, this is for you. Actually, a lot of customers will pay premium prices to ensure that they get their products faster through instant delivery or same-day delivery.

If you want to stay competitive, you need to avail of final mile delivery on a regular basis. With e-commerce sales expected to skyrocket to $2.4 trillion within this year, the demand for final mile delivery will grow. Even if you’re a small to medium company, you can still take advantage and gain a competitive edge as long as you overcome the challenges in last mile delivery.

When to Use Final Mile Delivery

Uncertain if you should compete with final mile delivery of your competitors? If your business experiences any of these situations, you can certainly benefit from the options offered by final mile delivery:

Rising Costs of Transportation

When you circulate your products between your distribution centers, warehouses, and your retail stores, your expenses will increase. This includes fuel, equipment, and staff costs. That’s why it’s better to use final mile deliver because they’re flexible, allowing you to pick up your inventory at the location most convenient for you.

This reduces the amount of money and time you spent when transporting your goods to a warehouse or your retail store.

Damaged Goods

If your business received complaints about damaged items upon arrival, it can be due to a lot of various reasons. The primary one is due to incorrect and careless handling of the items. The more times you move your shipments, the more likely it is for your goods to get damaged.

Final mile deliver carriers have more skilled personnel that take more care when it comes to the entire transportation of your goods. They’re different from the cheap delivery companies that only care about getting the job done.

Supply Chain Blackout Periods

You might believe that the work or sale ends once your shipment is already in the hands of the delivery company. In the real world, transporting your products to your recipients is the most critical part of the process. If you don’t want to worry about whether your delivery reached the customer in time and in proper working order, consider using a final mile delivery service.

After all, final mile delivery companies offer real-time tracking information. Getting reputable carriers is important since they will inform you every step of the process. They will also give you the proof you need to assure you that your customer receives your products.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Final Mile Delivery Today!

Successful companies, especially retailers, must maintain a holistic supply chain strategy. If you aim for a wider degree of success, you need to meet the service expectations set by your target customers. This is without compromising your budget and maintaining a fair margin target.

With a lot of the big companies like Amazons giving their customers the option to get their products delivered the next day or even the same day, you need to have the same amount of advantage by giving the same option. You can do this with final mile delivery and ensure that your business doesn’t get left behind.

Are you looking to take advantage and a competitive edge with final mile delivery? Looking for a delivery partner to open these opportunities for you? Contact us today!



legal document delivery

Legal documents need protection. They are often so sensitive in nature that there’s a risk involved whenever you have to send them to another address. If you work at a law firm, legal documents are used all the time. They often have to get to a client quickly and safely. Even regular business owners often have sensitive information they need to be sent elsewhere. When that happens, your best bet is to rely on a national courier service.

If you’re still not convinced that a national courier service is your best option, keep reading. We’re sharing with you why a courier service for legal documents is the smart choice every time.

A National Courier Service Will Keep Your Documents Safe

There’s no need to worry when you use a courier service for legal documents. They will always be safe.

Anything you send through a courier service is far less likely to get lost or damaged while en route than using any other method. In fact, it’s likely you’ll never have a problem with lost or damaged items when using a courier service.

Couriers focus on servicing a small and familiar customer base. This holds them far more accountable for the safety and security of your items than the USPS or other similar service companies.

They Keep Great Records

Sometimes, things get busy in an office setting. When that happens, items can easily be lost.

It’s no good if you send legal documents only to have the recipient claim they never received them. That’s why a courier service works best.

You’ll receive a record of the recipient receiving your documents. Couriers track every single delivery.

They keep a record of who ordered the delivery and when it arrived at the recipient’s address. They even require that specific person signs for the delivery.

And it’s easy to track the delivery online.

This method eliminates any doubt as to whether or not legal documents were delivered on time and received by those who need them.

They Offer Rush Delivery

In the real world, things move quickly. You can’t wait four days waiting to sign a legal document.

Most of the time, it needs to be signed right away.

With same day courier delivery, you can focus on your business without having to wait for unnecessary travel delays.

Couriers are known to travel on bikes or motorcycles in an effort to deliver items more efficiently. They also deliver their packages or letters individually to ensure there are no mistakes.

Other companies carry a truckload full of deliveries. Not only are you not their first priority, large trucks can’t move quickly and easily through a city.

If you’re in a rush, the only way to ensure it gets there on time safely is to hire a courier service.

Saves You Money

Every business is always looking for ways they can lower their costs. Companies like law firms often need to rely on courier services to help them conduct their everyday business.

But it doesn’t mean they want to pay a lot for it.

Thankfully, whether you’re asking for same day courier delivery or it can wait until tomorrow, courier companies are less expensive.

That’s because of their low operating costs. They can afford to charge less money for deliveries than a larger mail or delivery service can.

Furthermore, their rates are often adjustable depending on your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask a courier service about creating a customized pricing package based on the volume of business your company gives them.

Their Employees Are Fully Vetted

While we often only see examples of important documents being stolen in the movies, it can still happen in the real world.

Meanwhile, the USPS has been in the news because sometimes their employees decide not to deliver their mail. They might even steal the mail they are supposed to deliver.

A courier service maintains assurance of delivery by providing insurance and background checks. They also insist on performance standards for their drivers.

This ensures that your items are safe from employee theft each and every time.

Their Whole Job Is on Time Deliveries

Courier service firms specialize in only one thing. To get your packages delivered to a specific address on time.

It’s not a favor, it’s their job. If a courier service company is interested at all in maintaining a customer base, they have to make sure their customers are always happy.

If they don’t deliver those packages on time or uphold their guarantee for a rush delivery, they lose customers.

Companies like FedEx and UPS have such high volumes of clients that if they lose one or two, it won’t matter. For a smaller courier company, they can’t afford to lose any customers.

They Deliver 24/7 Every Day of the Year

A courier service company never closes their doors. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or snowing.

It doesn’t matter if you have a package that must be delivered and it’s 3:00 in the morning. And it won’t matter if it’s at 4 am on Christmas morning.

Whether it’s rush documents or a last minute gift that absolutely needs to arrive on time, they can do it.

Meanwhile, the post office has very specific hours and long lines to contend with. Even at FedEx and UPS, they have office hours and if there’s a problem at 2 am, you may have to wait until morning.

When you need to rely on a company to get your packages delivered, a courier service is always open.

They Offer Other Services

Courier services offer other types of services besides just delivering packages. You can also depend on them for legal process serving and white glove delivery options.

There are even warehousing options for those companies who need to store items for a while.

Rely on Us

As a national courier service, we’re committed to keeping your important documents and packages safe.

Our team of dedicated professionals has been carefully vetted and trained. We also offer a variety of services at competitive prices.

Don’t put your business at risk. Open your account with us today!


Courier Services
Courier Services

Shipping valuable things across the country or even just across one state’s line can be a little nerve-wracking. This goes for both professional and personal purposes – especially when there is a time crunch to get a package from one place to another.

In such situations, standard shipping methods just won’t do. Instead of going to the post office, these occasions call for the use of professional courier services.

If you’ve learned a few shipping lessons the hard way, a courier service is the way to go from now on. You just have to know how to find the best professional services for your shipping needs.

Here are six qualities to look for to ensure a certain courier service is right for you.

1. A Strong Track Record

Like most businesses, the courier services that have been around for at least a few years are more established than the new companies entering the market. These are groups of shipping professionals that know the ins and outs of prime delivery services.

They have a strong understanding of peak shipping times – like holidays or sales events – and how to navigate various kinds of weather difficulties and highly-populated shipping destinations. All of these details are crucial to accomplishing a smooth delivery.

As much as a new courier service can plan for these things, only an experienced company knows how to truly manage them. Choose the proven professionals every time.

2. An Insurance Clause

One of the key things that keeps established courier services around and thriving is having a clear insurance clause. This is what lets customers like you know that you can count on a courier team to take care of your shipping items.

The insurance clause is a statement that defines what a courier service is and is not responsible for. It communicates the possible risks you take when using this form of shipping, and what kind of compensation you can expect.

Although it’s rare for shipping through a courier to ever go wrong, it’s good to know what your rights as a customer are if you need to file a claim. The insurance clause leaves no room for doubt.

3. Flexible Shipping and Pricing Options

As you’re digging through a courier’s insurance policies and company history, you’ll likely come across all their different shipping options. Many couriers have next-day deliveries available, or even same-day – depending on the time you ship and how far an item has to travel.

Others offer things like routed delivery and warehousing to ensure the highest level of convenience for customers. These options allow you to either plan ahead for a package to arrive when you are able to receive it or to make speedy deliveries a breeze.

Such opportunities uphold your professional reputation from a business standpoint. For personal shipping purposes, they make shipping things much easier without it getting in the way of your day to day routine.

4. Premium Services

In addition to the options mentioned above, some courier services make it a point to go above and beyond. These are teams that have a wide range of shipping options on top of standard shipping systems.

Premium services include:

  • Last Mile Home Delivery
  • Air Freight
  • Luggage Delivery

Each option is catered to serve a specific, unique need.

Last Mile Home is perfect for when you need to cut out the congestion of traditional shipping routes and get a package in the hands of a client quickly. Air Freight is the simple international shipping solution, as opposed to commercial methods.

When you’re the one flying somewhere, you can invest in Luggage Delivery to send all your suitcases ahead of time, or to fix a travel mistake.

5. Quick, Reliable Delivery

Whatever it is you’re trying to ship, and whichever way you want to ship it, the best courier services get it right every time. These are companies you can trust to get something from point A to point B without worry.

More so, they will get your shipments to their destination in a way that is fast and secure. From the bulkiest cargo items to the most fragile packages, a courier service knows how to take great care of shipments.

An investment in such a service is an investment in the quality of your work and the protection of your shipments.

6. Exceptional Customer Service

Not sure which kind of shipping option is best for your needs? Have you experienced an issue with courier services before?

Contact the customer service team of a new courier service to make sure you’re in good hands. Remember, these people are here to serve you in every step of the shipping process.

They can help you understand the differences between various shipping methods and prices in order to find the best fit for your business. When you find the right one, you can opt to have a customer service person help you set up your account or to do it on your own.

Additionally, customer service can support you in tasks like tracking or route alterations, if necessary. Either way, it’s good to make contact with your new courier, especially when placing your first order.

This establishes a sense of trust and respect. A great customer service experience from the get-go puts your mind at ease and helps you gauge the level of attentiveness you can expect from a certain courier.

Not to mention, you can continue to build this relationship the more that you place orders. This gives you a point person to go to when you need a last-minute shipment or have a high priority load to take good care of.

Discover What the Right Courier Services Can Do

See the difference professional, careful shipping can make.

When you ship through courier services, you are investing in the reputation of your business and the quality of your goods. The more attention you give to the packaging and transportation process, the better the overall performance of your business.

All you need is the right team to help you make this happen. That is where we come in.

Contact us today to discover all of our shipping services.


warehouse solutions
warehouse solutions

Online shoppers want faster and cheaper delivery. Are you doing enough? Consumers are increasingly demanding faster order fulfillment and this requires razor sharp product management. To boost your business in the long-term, you need to run an efficient process throughout your entire supply chain.

Thankfully, warehousing services now provide much more than a storage site for your stock. In fact, they can also improve inventory accuracy, customer service, employee motivation, and more. Feeling lost?

Then read on to learn 6 ways that warehouse solutions can improve your workflow and help boost your bottom line. Let’s jump right into it.

1. More Efficient Process

By using warehouse solutions such as order fulfillment, you’ll get a stock control service that is best suited for your unique workload.

After all, warehouse staff know precisely what’s in their warehouse, where exactly it’s located, and when it needs to be moved out. In fact, to offer the most efficient process, warehouse services consider the following factors:

  • location
  • volume
  • carrier
  • labor availability

For most small businesses, doing this alone isn’t optimal. You might get by, but you need to excel.

Plus, warehouse solutions help reduce stock waste. This is particularly useful if you deal with perishable stock, or other items that are date-restricted. The correct units can be easily identified for picking first, so that nothing ends up wasted due to poor management.

With a more efficient stock control system, you’re also more capable of offering improved delivery services, such as same day delivery.

2. Greater Capacity & Inventory Control

How do you know if a lack of capacity is your real issue?

Most small business owners see their space start to disappear and assume they’re over capacity. But that’s often not the case. It’s more likely to be poor inventory control.

When inventory is managed efficiently, space is usually saved. Improved stocking, picking and shipping all help your product move faster, and via the optimal travel path.

This is a big deal. The cost of excess inventory can be enormous, and massively limit your company’s growth.

With a dedicated warehouse service, you’ll reduce overstocking and minimize understocking. You’ll also gain a much clearer insight into your needs. In turn, you’ll be rewarded with improved capacity and the ability to take on more volume.

3. Heightened Accuracy

The importance of accurate inventory can’t be understated, either.

Poor inventory tracking leads to inefficient spending, poor space management, and reduced customer satisfaction. Positively, warehouse services offer comprehensive stock monitoring and reordering systems.

Not only does this mean you’ll keep a tight hold on your inventory, but this improved accuracy helps strategically, too. For example, having confidence in your stock levels at all times means you can more boldly predict future sales demand.

4. Reduced Security Vulnerabilities

Some people will attempt to steal your product. Yes, it sucks. But it’s an inevitable part of the business and one you’ll need to account for.

The truth is, security flaws can be hard to keep track of. Warehouse management combats this by implementing the following:

  • detailed inventory records
  • system logins
  • managerial checks
  • automated data capture & tracking

The chances are, that’s much more than you can self-manage currently. Even if it’s not, do you really want to? Your time would be better spent generating sales and helping the business grow, rather than over concerns with security.

Plus, the complex audit trails resulting from the above mean each warehouse staff member faces accountability for loss, at any given stage. With this, you’re much less likely to find stock go missing.

5. Improved Customer Service

Lousy customer service costs businesses billions of dollars. As customers prefer fast delivery, expect the majority of your consumer queries to focus on product location and arrival time. Answering these questions may sound simple, but it’s harder than it seems. With an elaborate packing and shipping system, a backlog of orders and the potential for human error, it’s easy to find yourself faced with disgruntled customers.

The good news?

Investing in warehouse solutions means you’ll have a wealth of information to pass on to consumers, at any time. Plus, the refined management process reduces the chance of inaccuracies occurring in the first place. In fact, you’ll enjoy:

  • enhanced communications with consumers (reduced complaints)
  • reduced errors in order fulfillment (less delay and damage)
  • increased stock traceability (less missing items)

It’s not just your end customers, this has a ripple effect out through your entire supply chain. Expect to enjoy improved relations with your suppliers, too.

6. Enhanced Labor Productivity

Staffing is a considerable cost of business and another area that warehouse service solutions prove powerful.

Firstly, improved efficiency to operations will allow you to manage workload better and to determine ideal staff-levels. You’ll face less last-minute temporary hires and won’t need to worry about overstaffing, either. As well as being cost-effective from an employer perspective, this can also help settle employee stress and help keep a high morale.

Productivity will also be boosted through a more efficient workflow pattern. We’re talking less wandering the unit in search of missing products, and the ability to pick more orders in the same timeframe.

If your staff know where they should be, and what they should be doing, they’ll be much happier. That’s just common sense.

With clearly defined roles, you’ll also be able to evaluate your workforce better, too. More direct, constructive feedback will help set good work habits and a positive working culture.

Warehouse Solutions

Don’t settle for coping with endless paper trails, inventory mishaps, customer complaints and stock control issues. It’s time to optimize your business operations. Warehouse services can offer significant improvements in efficiency and ultimately, your bottom line.

Considering making the leap to a warehouse solution? You won’t regret it.

To find out more about how warehouse solutions can help your business grow, get in touch today. Alternatively, visit our website to check out our full range of warehouse services, from storage and shipping to complete order fulfillment.


freight courier
freight courier

Picking a freight courier is just like picking an accountant, supplier or vendor for your business. You’re not just choosing a service: You’re choosing a company that will partner with your business in some of the most crucial of ways. It’s not a choice you want to get wrong. In a world where optimizing supply chains is a need, not a luxury, it’s critical that your freight courier is trustworthy and treats your needs as a priority.

Here’s a rundown of seven tips for picking the right freight courier service no matter what type of merchandise or cargo you want to ship. Let’s get started!

1. Delivery Speed

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a freight courier is how quickly the service can get your packages delivered.

Time is money after all. For instance, perhaps you need a super-rush delivery, where the company will pick up your package within an hour and then directly deliver it to its proper destination. Or maybe just a rush service will do, where your merchandise will be picked within an hour and then delivered in three hours within the United States.

Other delivery-time options to look for include same-day delivery and next-day delivery.

Your freight courier should ideally have a massive fleet and cutting-edge technology so you can rest assured that your packages — ranging from small envelopes to large pallets — will be delivered on time no matter what.

2. Warehousing Options

A courier that offers warehousing services may also come in handy depending on your business’s unique situation.

This type of freight courier can securely store your valuable freight on its premises and then ship it as soon as you give it the green light to do so. It’s a convenience that may be worth inquiring about during your courier search.

3. Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

Do you have temperature-sensitive cargo that must go to a certain location on time? Choose a courier with a strong track record of success in offering integrated temperature-controlled solutions.

A high-quality service offers temperature-controlled commercial vans so that you can easily move items that require temperature protection. These items may include flowers, pharmaceuticals, frozen food or perishable goods.

4. Freight Courier Air Delivery

So, what about shipping items to another part of the globe? This isn’t a hard process with the right company.

A reputable company that offers air freight service can easily get your merchandise and other goods to cities such as those in Canada, Latin America, and South America in a jiffy. And, of course, you can expect same-day delivery for your packages within the United States.

In addition, ask your potential courier if it offers time-specific air deliveries or prescheduled deliveries. In other words, your package will get to its recipient exactly when you need it to. You just tell the service when it should pick up and deliver your package.

You can’t get any more first class than that.

It’s a perfect service if you have time-critical materials, such as skids, equipment or documents, that need to be delivered internationally whether it’s 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. in your time zone. And a quality service will be at your service whether it’s Independence Day or even Christmas Day.

The best services also offer high-quality sea freight forwarding internationally and customs clearance help as well.

5. Delivery of Luggage

Perhaps you’ll be doing some domestic or international business travel this year. Did you know that a courier service can send your personal luggage directly to your destination via another flight?

Luggage delivery is an efficient and smart way to avoid the annoyance of checking in, lugging around and claiming luggage. With a courier’s help, you can save yourself some aggravation and time. After all, traveling is stressful enough.

How does it work?

A freight courier will simply stop by your location to get your luggage, ship it to your destination and send it back home when you no longer need it.

Be sure that the company you choose offers to wrap and label your luggage items so that your personal items will remain protected and easy to identify.

6. Extra Steps

Want a courier that is willing to go the extra mile?

A top-notch courier will use up-to-date technology to ensure that each mile of your package’s trip goes smoothly, whether it’s the first mile or the final mile. The goal is to get your parcels to the proper destination without missing a beat.

Then, at the destination, the delivery person may remove the package and place the shipped item in the room of your choosing if you request this service.

You could also choose to have someone sign to confirm that he or she has received and accepted your delivery.

Another option? Ask your courier to have the delivery person stay put while your package recipient opens your shipment. This gives the recipient the chance to verify that the item has been delivered as expected and that it is in superb condition.

All of these types of services are designed to ensure that you have a positive shipping experience from beginning to end.

7. Convenient Scheduling and Reliability

Thanks to modern technology, you can conveniently schedule deliveries with the right freight courier. For instance, you can order online or by app or phone, no matter where you might be.

But that’s not all.

The right courier will allow you to track your package online once it has left your hands. And it will send you an email when your shipped item has been picked up. #missionaccomplished

How We Can Help

With our large fleet of straight trucks, cars, and vans, along with our air freight service, we can easily deliver your important packages to the right locations on time. In fact, we have already delivered nearly 19,000 packages and counting.

Our team features professional and skilled drivers who are uninformed, licensed and insured. They are ready to assist you in meeting your delivery deadlines in the areas of Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton.

Contact us to experience for yourself why our customer satisfaction rate is 99.6%.


same day delivery gifts
same day delivery gifts

In today’s on-demand economy, things like shipping delays can be more than just inconvenient. They can be catastrophic. When you trust a mail service to get an important item to its destination on time and they fail, it has the potential to ruin the entire gesture! Have you ever wondered if there’s any way to avoid this often unpredictable but tragic situation? We have good news: there is a way! When you have important same day delivery gifts to send, you should consider trusting a courier service with your task. These trained professionals have entire warehouses where they can store your packages for quick and painless delivery. Wondering why you should use a courier service to store your shipments? Below, we’ll give you three great reasons to use a courier service for your most important same day delivery gifts.

1. Trustworthy Delivery

You want peace of mind when it comes to packages and important deliveries. A courier service can provide this. Instead of worrying about what stage of the shipping journey your item is on, you can feel good knowing your item has already arrived and simply needs to be handed off to the recipient.

It’s a lot easier to get a package from Harlem to the Upper East Side than it is to get a package into the city when it’s stuck at the shipping facility in Tennessee. Having your item set up with a courier for same day delivery gives you peace of mind because you know your package is already in the right spot and ready to go.

All it requires to be delivered is a short and easy journey to its final destination. The trek is over, and now your package is simply waiting to make it into the hands of the lucky deliveree. Rush services and on-demand shipping can provide the peace of mind you want when it comes to delivering your prized packages and thoughtful gifts.

From same day rush service to deliveries that are pre-scheduled in advance, a qualified courier can handle all your shipping and delivery needs.

2. Never Miss an Important Date

Have you ever planned to go all out when it came to a birthday or anniversary, only to have all your plans sabotaged by a negligent delivery company? Never let this happen to you again. You want your loved ones to know how much you care, especially if you put forth a lot of effort to make their celebration special. Missing their special day isn’t just disappointing; it could suggest that you don’t really care.

A huge bouquet of red roses just doesn’t have the same effect when delivered the day after you planned to propose. Custom birthday cakes don’t matter as much the day after the party. Some deliveries simply have to be completed on the correct date, and there’s no wiggle room for late or missed deliveries.

Having a courier service handle same day delivery gifts is your answer to this problem. They will not allow a missed delivery. They have plans in place for making sure your packages arrive exactly when they’re due. Because they are smaller than the usual giant shipping companies most people use, they don’t experience the same traffic and delays and mess-ups that these larger companies do.

Make sure you never miss a date that matters by trusting your delivery to a courier service that’s reliable and has built a strong reputation in their community.

3. Reliable History

When the going gets tough, people have turned to couriers to get the jobs done. Government strike? Shipping services breaking down? Delays with all the normal carriers? Opting to ship with a private company like a courier service eliminates all these pitfalls.

Courier services have a long and storied history. Yet despite all the changes we’ve seen as the modern era has dawned, these trusted delivery services remain. That’s because they’re reliable. People turn to them when they want to make sure the job gets done, and gets done right.

Entrusting your package to a corporate giant that doesn’t really care about your package is not exactly what you want to do after spending a lot of time, effort, and money on it.

Instead, turn to a more personal courier service. You can talk to a real person on the phone or even meet them face to face when they come to pick up your delivery. With a more focused business model like this, you can trust that the courier truly has your well being and satisfaction in mind.

Instead of being let down by another lost package or missed delivery date with no apology in sight, turn to a courier service for a delivery made exactly when it’s supposed to be.

Need Help With Same Day Delivery Gifts?

You’ve come to the right place if you need help with same day delivery gifts! We provide services like warehousing your items, pre-scheduled deliveries along specified routes, instantaneous tracking, last mile home delivery, and more. Trust us with all your delivery needs.

We have a team of Lexington Logistics who make personal deliveries and then stay while the recipient opens the parcel. They do this in order to confirm that the item has arrived as expected and is still in excellent condition.

When you want to make sure your delivery makes it to the recipient on time and in perfect condition, entrust your shipment to a courier service. Gifts just aren’t the same when they arrive broken, beat up, and three days late.

We even have refrigerated services for perishable items or shipments that must be kept cold. Shipping a box of chocolate is no use if it’s just going to melt in some delivery person’s hot car while he’s on lunch break.

Don’t send the wrong message. Show your gift recipient that you care by having a courier company make the delivery in a personal and dignified manner.

Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a quote on courier services and same day delivery gifts.


last mile delivery costs
last mile delivery costs

Did you know that last mile delivery costs can make up over a quarter (28%) of any a given product’s overall total delivery cost? But it doesn’t have to be that way. Online sales are expected to grow at a rate three times faster than the retail industry.

This is going to put a lot more pressure on companies to really dial in their delivery logistics. And it will make keeping your last mile delivery costs under control more important than ever. But how do you do that, without sacrificing speed, the efficiency of delivery, or customers service? It is possible. Here’s how.

Properly Trained Your Pickup and Delivery Team

You would be amazed at how much time and money can be wasted on the actual delivery itself. Like anything, training is key. The shipping team needs to know customer service at this level. That means getting in front of someone who can sign for the delivery, yet being as polite and professional (personable even) as quickly as possible. You don’t have time for frontline team members to be fumbling with technology. That wastes time, it annoys the customer, and it makes you look unprofessional.

The staff needs to recognize if the wireless equipment isn’t going to work very well in a large office or residential building and be prepared for that. A serious delay or poorly handled delivery transaction raises the cost of this delivery, while potentially raising the cost of every delivery for the rest of the day, or even week.

An Example of Bad Service Driving Costs Up

Let’s say a delivery person has five deliveries to make and various points in the city. Someone can be a very skilled driver with dialed in routes and perfect weather. But they’re not properly trained in customer service or the technology they’re using, that’s just going to add time to each individual stop.

That driver who had to make five stops is maybe adding an extra 10 minutes to the first four stops, which is 40 minutes of wasted time. And maybe that means they can’t make their last delivery of the day because the final stop is an office that closes at 4:30. This pushes it to the following day, which can be disastrous for the recipient, who was promised delivery that day, and now faces their own missed deadlines and costs associated with that.

This also creates a breach of trust and a soured relationship between the delivery company and the recipient, as well as the recipient and any other parties who may have been counting on this timely delivery.

Work with a Company That Has Embraced New Technology Options

As in any industry, when you’re trying to lower last mile delivery costs, properly leveraging today’s technology can make a huge difference on the bottom line. The companies that make full use of all of the options available will be the ones to prosper. And the ones who are stuck doing things the way they were done in 2010 will wonder why they’re hemorrhaging money.

Your logistics and strategy need to utilize all of the technological and cloud-based options available for planning, executing, and reporting. This needs to be married with pristine route optimization, route tracking, delivery, and transaction tools on mobile devices. This can take a lot of the guesswork and seemingly mysterious wasted time that a lot of companies can’t account for. And if you can’t account for it, you can’t manage it or fix it.

Spot Inefficiencies and Fuel/ Time Wasters

Details tracking and reporting can help you identify one of the following money-wasters:

  • For every mile per hour above 55 miles an hour your truck drives, fuel economy drops by 0.1 miles per gallon.
  • Contrary to what you think, slightly worn tires can give you up to 7% better fuel economy versus brand new tires.
  • For every 10 psi that your truck’s tires are underinflated, you will lose 1% of your fuel economy.
  • For every hour a long haul truck is idling, it will kill your fuel efficiency by 1%
  • Tires are the biggest factor and fuel economy below 50 miles an hour, but the truck’s aerodynamics is the most important factor when driving over 50 miles an hour
  • Overall, more efficient drivers will get 30% better fuel economy compared to inefficient drivers

More importantly, proper logistics and analysis of every piece of data available to you can help you optimize your route. It’s entirely possible for your actual mileage to be as much as 18% (or higher) than your billed mileage, thanks to off-route mileage.

Never Assume That The Big Guys are the Only Ones Who Can Handle Big Jobs

You can also cut back on last mile delivery costs by exploring some of your options outside the big-name companies. First of all, you can develop an ongoing relationship with a smaller provider. You can build a more personal relationship, and they can quickly become experts in your needs and challenges.

They can be the ones who are in charge of keeping your last mail delivery cost low and finding any new opportunities for you to save money. A lot of the times, larger companies will outsource deliveries to smaller companies, because the smaller company is in a better position to be more nimble and make a crunch time delivery.

Let’s Talk About Your Last Mile Delivery Costs

We can help you reduce your last mile delivery costs and any other shipping expenses, whether sending simple envelops or massive shipping crates and everything in between.

Need It Now Delivers is a family of companies throughout the US that has a combined total of more than 1,000 years of experience in the field of courier and logistics.

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