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A Guide to Using a Temporary Warehouse for Small Business

August 3, 2018 Courier

There are many reasons why you might want a temporary warehouse for your small business. Are you’re moving offices and need somewhere to store your office furniture for some time?

Maybe you sell seasonal products like wool coats or swimsuits which people only buy during certain times of the year. In that case, you might need a warehouse to store your surplus until the same time next year.

Or maybe your offices have become overcrowded with files from the last ten years. A temporary warehouse for business would be the perfect place to keep these files until they’re needed.

Here are some things to consider when getting a temporary warehouse for small business.


How often are you going to need the things you store at your warehouse? If you don’t need access to these things for an indefinite period, then location doesn’t really matter.

For example, you have files from the last ten years which you hardly ever need to access. You can store them at a faraway location.

But if you’re storing products which you’ll need to mail out as and when orders come in, then it’s probably better if your warehouse is located somewhere close by.

Temperature Control

When you put things in storage, temperature control is important. For example, you’re storing clothes or paper items. Then the warehouse shouldn’t become too hot and humid or these items might get damaged.

So make sure that the conditions in the warehouse are optimal for the things you’re trying to store. If you go with a reputable warehouse rental company, you should not have any temperature control issues.

You can rest easy knowing that your excess inventory is in a safe place.

3. Space

How much space do you really need when you get a warehouse? Most people overestimate the amount of space needed. Remember when you packed up your entire apartment and put everything into a large U-Haul only to find there was a lot of space remaining?

It’s the same kind of situation.

The best thing is to make an inventory of everything you have and figure out what things can be stacked. You can also consult your warehouse rental company and get their input on how much space is needed.


EBA notes that the aspect of using lean flow increases your competitive advantage. You can also reduce touches and repetitive travel excesses. Ensuring that operational flow in warehouse facilities remains logical is critical.

That is possible when the location of the temporary warehouse is according to the relevance of your operations.

Dedicated warehouse operators will also identify processes involving multiple touches. Most of these are unnecessary in picking, packing, and replenishment operations.

You may also run into repetitive travel tasks such as constant moving of pallets. These cases or products should be part of the concern of warehouse operators.

Your chosen warehouse service vendor should identify the excesses in frequent moving. Work with the provider towards eliminating them by streamlining operations to increase efficiency.


Implementing technology is critical for warehouse operations. This may include repetitive actions such as pick and place, interface, and travel.

The initial investment in the automation of your warehouse procedures may be costly. But over time, the ROI will prove this a worthwhile idea.

Consider automation options as long as the technological investment makes financial sense. Focus on database management systems and robotic automation where applicable.


Focus on lean and improved processes by adopting best practices and setting standards. As such, work together with efficient workers to come up with a list of best practices that will cut down the learning curve for your employees.

Strive to set standards of operation to encourage accountability among your employees. The result will be the optimization of the workforce.

Temporary Warehouse for Selling Embarrassing Products

There are some products that customers want to buy, but they don’t want to talk about them. When your business uses a temporary warehouse, you can help people get the medical supplies and other personal products they need with greater privacy and less embarrassment.

Use your warehouse to store your inventory and prepare shipments. Your customers can then get their goods delivered directly to their homes.

Shipping Embarrassing Products

While it may seem easier to sell a product that people are comfortable with, the Havard Business Review observes there can be advantages on the other side too.

You may have little competition in your category. It’s easier to be found when people are searching for keywords related to your business.

People may also be so excited to discover your business that they’ll share it with family and friends.

Most of all, you’ll have an advantage over large retailers who may sell similar items because people would prefer to have you shipping their order rather than having to go out to the store for it.

Warehouse Rental

Apart from offering storage and handling services, temporary warehouse services aim to streamline your operations as well to promote seamless performance and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, as you seek to identify the right warehouse services vendor, you need to establish the impact of their activities on service delivery and how it will affect your business operations.

Experienced warehouse services providers understand what their clients need so they opt to optimize warehouse services.

Using Temporary Warehouse for Small Business

While small business warehouse and distribution services can be a challenge for many small companies, we make it easier for you to run your business and make a profit.

You are charged only for the amount of square footage you use or the number of pallets you keep on hand each month. Individualized inventory system will help you maintain the right balance of stock at all times, and provide valuable data that you can use to analyze customer demand.

You can even receive month to month contracts with no additional fee requirements. You’ll have the flexibility to adapt your warehouse space to your current needs however much you grow or experience seasonal fluctuations.

If you need more information on using a warehouse for small business, contact us today!