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7 Expert Tips for Picking the Right Freight Courier Service

February 1, 2018 Courier

freight courier
freight courier

Picking a freight courier is just like picking an accountant, supplier or vendor for your business. You’re not just choosing a service: You’re choosing a company that will partner with your business in some of the most crucial of ways. It’s not a choice you want to get wrong. In a world where optimizing supply chains is a need, not a luxury, it’s critical that your freight courier is trustworthy and treats your needs as a priority.

Here’s a rundown of seven tips for picking the right freight courier service no matter what type of merchandise or cargo you want to ship. Let’s get started!

1. Delivery Speed

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a freight courier is how quickly the service can get your packages delivered.

Time is money after all. For instance, perhaps you need a super-rush delivery, where the company will pick up your package within an hour and then directly deliver it to its proper destination. Or maybe just a rush service will do, where your merchandise will be picked within an hour and then delivered in three hours within the United States.

Other delivery-time options to look for include same-day delivery and next-day delivery.

Your freight courier should ideally have a massive fleet and cutting-edge technology so you can rest assured that your packages — ranging from small envelopes to large pallets — will be delivered on time no matter what.

2. Warehousing Options

A courier that offers warehousing services may also come in handy depending on your business’s unique situation.

This type of freight courier can securely store your valuable freight on its premises and then ship it as soon as you give it the green light to do so. It’s a convenience that may be worth inquiring about during your courier search.

3. Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

Do you have temperature-sensitive cargo that must go to a certain location on time? Choose a courier with a strong track record of success in offering integrated temperature-controlled solutions.

A high-quality service offers temperature-controlled commercial vans so that you can easily move items that require temperature protection. These items may include flowers, pharmaceuticals, frozen food or perishable goods.

4. Freight Courier Air Delivery

So, what about shipping items to another part of the globe? This isn’t a hard process with the right company.

A reputable company that offers air freight service can easily get your merchandise and other goods to cities such as those in Canada, Latin America, and South America in a jiffy. And, of course, you can expect same-day delivery for your packages within the United States.

In addition, ask your potential courier if it offers time-specific air deliveries or prescheduled deliveries. In other words, your package will get to its recipient exactly when you need it to. You just tell the service when it should pick up and deliver your package.

You can’t get any more first class than that.

It’s a perfect service if you have time-critical materials, such as skids, equipment or documents, that need to be delivered internationally whether it’s 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. in your time zone. And a quality service will be at your service whether it’s Independence Day or even Christmas Day.

The best services also offer high-quality sea freight forwarding internationally and customs clearance help as well.

5. Delivery of Luggage

Perhaps you’ll be doing some domestic or international business travel this year. Did you know that a courier service can send your personal luggage directly to your destination via another flight?

Luggage delivery is an efficient and smart way to avoid the annoyance of checking in, lugging around and claiming luggage. With a courier’s help, you can save yourself some aggravation and time. After all, traveling is stressful enough.

How does it work?

A freight courier will simply stop by your location to get your luggage, ship it to your destination and send it back home when you no longer need it.

Be sure that the company you choose offers to wrap and label your luggage items so that your personal items will remain protected and easy to identify.

6. Extra Steps

Want a courier that is willing to go the extra mile?

A top-notch courier will use up-to-date technology to ensure that each mile of your package’s trip goes smoothly, whether it’s the first mile or the final mile. The goal is to get your parcels to the proper destination without missing a beat.

Then, at the destination, the delivery person may remove the package and place the shipped item in the room of your choosing if you request this service.

You could also choose to have someone sign to confirm that he or she has received and accepted your delivery.

Another option? Ask your courier to have the delivery person stay put while your package recipient opens your shipment. This gives the recipient the chance to verify that the item has been delivered as expected and that it is in superb condition.

All of these types of services are designed to ensure that you have a positive shipping experience from beginning to end.

7. Convenient Scheduling and Reliability

Thanks to modern technology, you can conveniently schedule deliveries with the right freight courier. For instance, you can order online or by app or phone, no matter where you might be.

But that’s not all.

The right courier will allow you to track your package online once it has left your hands. And it will send you an email when your shipped item has been picked up. #missionaccomplished

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