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6 Ways to Optimize Your Shipping and Delivery with Warehouse Solutions

February 7, 2018 Courierwarehousing

warehouse solutions
warehouse solutions

Online shoppers want faster and cheaper delivery. Are you doing enough? Consumers are increasingly demanding faster order fulfillment and this requires razor sharp product management. To boost your business in the long-term, you need to run an efficient process throughout your entire supply chain.

Thankfully, warehousing services now provide much more than a storage site for your stock. In fact, they can also improve inventory accuracy, customer service, employee motivation, and more. Feeling lost?

Then read on to learn 6 ways that warehouse solutions can improve your workflow and help boost your bottom line. Let’s jump right into it.

1. More Efficient Process

By using warehouse solutions such as order fulfillment, you’ll get a stock control service that is best suited for your unique workload.

After all, warehouse staff know precisely what’s in their warehouse, where exactly it’s located, and when it needs to be moved out. In fact, to offer the most efficient process, warehouse services consider the following factors:

  • location
  • volume
  • carrier
  • labor availability

For most small businesses, doing this alone isn’t optimal. You might get by, but you need to excel.

Plus, warehouse solutions help reduce stock waste. This is particularly useful if you deal with perishable stock, or other items that are date-restricted. The correct units can be easily identified for picking first, so that nothing ends up wasted due to poor management.

With a more efficient stock control system, you’re also more capable of offering improved delivery services, such as same day delivery.

2. Greater Capacity & Inventory Control

How do you know if a lack of capacity is your real issue?

Most small business owners see their space start to disappear and assume they’re over capacity. But that’s often not the case. It’s more likely to be poor inventory control.

When inventory is managed efficiently, space is usually saved. Improved stocking, picking and shipping all help your product move faster, and via the optimal travel path.

This is a big deal. The cost of excess inventory can be enormous, and massively limit your company’s growth.

With a dedicated warehouse service, you’ll reduce overstocking and minimize understocking. You’ll also gain a much clearer insight into your needs. In turn, you’ll be rewarded with improved capacity and the ability to take on more volume.

3. Heightened Accuracy

The importance of accurate inventory can’t be understated, either.

Poor inventory tracking leads to inefficient spending, poor space management, and reduced customer satisfaction. Positively, warehouse services offer comprehensive stock monitoring and reordering systems.

Not only does this mean you’ll keep a tight hold on your inventory, but this improved accuracy helps strategically, too. For example, having confidence in your stock levels at all times means you can more boldly predict future sales demand.

4. Reduced Security Vulnerabilities

Some people will attempt to steal your product. Yes, it sucks. But it’s an inevitable part of the business and one you’ll need to account for.

The truth is, security flaws can be hard to keep track of. Warehouse management combats this by implementing the following:

  • detailed inventory records
  • system logins
  • managerial checks
  • automated data capture & tracking

The chances are, that’s much more than you can self-manage currently. Even if it’s not, do you really want to? Your time would be better spent generating sales and helping the business grow, rather than over concerns with security.

Plus, the complex audit trails resulting from the above mean each warehouse staff member faces accountability for loss, at any given stage. With this, you’re much less likely to find stock go missing.

5. Improved Customer Service

Lousy customer service costs businesses billions of dollars. As customers prefer fast delivery, expect the majority of your consumer queries to focus on product location and arrival time. Answering these questions may sound simple, but it’s harder than it seems. With an elaborate packing and shipping system, a backlog of orders and the potential for human error, it’s easy to find yourself faced with disgruntled customers.

The good news?

Investing in warehouse solutions means you’ll have a wealth of information to pass on to consumers, at any time. Plus, the refined management process reduces the chance of inaccuracies occurring in the first place. In fact, you’ll enjoy:

  • enhanced communications with consumers (reduced complaints)
  • reduced errors in order fulfillment (less delay and damage)
  • increased stock traceability (less missing items)

It’s not just your end customers, this has a ripple effect out through your entire supply chain. Expect to enjoy improved relations with your suppliers, too.

6. Enhanced Labor Productivity

Staffing is a considerable cost of business and another area that warehouse service solutions prove powerful.

Firstly, improved efficiency to operations will allow you to manage workload better and to determine ideal staff-levels. You’ll face less last-minute temporary hires and won’t need to worry about overstaffing, either. As well as being cost-effective from an employer perspective, this can also help settle employee stress and help keep a high morale.

Productivity will also be boosted through a more efficient workflow pattern. We’re talking less wandering the unit in search of missing products, and the ability to pick more orders in the same timeframe.

If your staff know where they should be, and what they should be doing, they’ll be much happier. That’s just common sense.

With clearly defined roles, you’ll also be able to evaluate your workforce better, too. More direct, constructive feedback will help set good work habits and a positive working culture.

Warehouse Solutions

Don’t settle for coping with endless paper trails, inventory mishaps, customer complaints and stock control issues. It’s time to optimize your business operations. Warehouse services can offer significant improvements in efficiency and ultimately, your bottom line.

Considering making the leap to a warehouse solution? You won’t regret it.

To find out more about how warehouse solutions can help your business grow, get in touch today. Alternatively, visit our website to check out our full range of warehouse services, from storage and shipping to complete order fulfillment.