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6 Qualities to Look for in the Best Courier Services

March 22, 2018 Courier

Courier Services
Courier Services

Shipping valuable things across the country or even just across one state’s line can be a little nerve-wracking. This goes for both professional and personal purposes – especially when there is a time crunch to get a package from one place to another.

In such situations, standard shipping methods just won’t do. Instead of going to the post office, these occasions call for the use of professional courier services.

If you’ve learned a few shipping lessons the hard way, a courier service is the way to go from now on. You just have to know how to find the best professional services for your shipping needs.

Here are six qualities to look for to ensure a certain courier service is right for you.

1. A Strong Track Record

Like most businesses, the courier services that have been around for at least a few years are more established than the new companies entering the market. These are groups of shipping professionals that know the ins and outs of prime delivery services.

They have a strong understanding of peak shipping times – like holidays or sales events – and how to navigate various kinds of weather difficulties and highly-populated shipping destinations. All of these details are crucial to accomplishing a smooth delivery.

As much as a new courier service can plan for these things, only an experienced company knows how to truly manage them. Choose the proven professionals every time.

2. An Insurance Clause

One of the key things that keeps established courier services around and thriving is having a clear insurance clause. This is what lets customers like you know that you can count on a courier team to take care of your shipping items.

The insurance clause is a statement that defines what a courier service is and is not responsible for. It communicates the possible risks you take when using this form of shipping, and what kind of compensation you can expect.

Although it’s rare for shipping through a courier to ever go wrong, it’s good to know what your rights as a customer are if you need to file a claim. The insurance clause leaves no room for doubt.

3. Flexible Shipping and Pricing Options

As you’re digging through a courier’s insurance policies and company history, you’ll likely come across all their different shipping options. Many couriers have next-day deliveries available, or even same-day – depending on the time you ship and how far an item has to travel.

Others offer things like routed delivery and warehousing to ensure the highest level of convenience for customers. These options allow you to either plan ahead for a package to arrive when you are able to receive it or to make speedy deliveries a breeze.

Such opportunities uphold your professional reputation from a business standpoint. For personal shipping purposes, they make shipping things much easier without it getting in the way of your day to day routine.

4. Premium Services

In addition to the options mentioned above, some courier services make it a point to go above and beyond. These are teams that have a wide range of shipping options on top of standard shipping systems.

Premium services include:

  • Last Mile Home Delivery
  • Air Freight
  • Luggage Delivery

Each option is catered to serve a specific, unique need.

Last Mile Home is perfect for when you need to cut out the congestion of traditional shipping routes and get a package in the hands of a client quickly. Air Freight is the simple international shipping solution, as opposed to commercial methods.

When you’re the one flying somewhere, you can invest in Luggage Delivery to send all your suitcases ahead of time, or to fix a travel mistake.

5. Quick, Reliable Delivery

Whatever it is you’re trying to ship, and whichever way you want to ship it, the best courier services get it right every time. These are companies you can trust to get something from point A to point B without worry.

More so, they will get your shipments to their destination in a way that is fast and secure. From the bulkiest cargo items to the most fragile packages, a courier service knows how to take great care of shipments.

An investment in such a service is an investment in the quality of your work and the protection of your shipments.

6. Exceptional Customer Service

Not sure which kind of shipping option is best for your needs? Have you experienced an issue with courier services before?

Contact the customer service team of a new courier service to make sure you’re in good hands. Remember, these people are here to serve you in every step of the shipping process.

They can help you understand the differences between various shipping methods and prices in order to find the best fit for your business. When you find the right one, you can opt to have a customer service person help you set up your account or to do it on your own.

Additionally, customer service can support you in tasks like tracking or route alterations, if necessary. Either way, it’s good to make contact with your new courier, especially when placing your first order.

This establishes a sense of trust and respect. A great customer service experience from the get-go puts your mind at ease and helps you gauge the level of attentiveness you can expect from a certain courier.

Not to mention, you can continue to build this relationship the more that you place orders. This gives you a point person to go to when you need a last-minute shipment or have a high priority load to take good care of.

Discover What the Right Courier Services Can Do

See the difference professional, careful shipping can make.

When you ship through courier services, you are investing in the reputation of your business and the quality of your goods. The more attention you give to the packaging and transportation process, the better the overall performance of your business.

All you need is the right team to help you make this happen. That is where we come in.

Contact us today to discover all of our shipping services.